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Atlantic Coastline, Pre-Dawn Light

Thunderstorm, Gulf of Mexico

Ferris Wheel Reflection

Summer Sky

Water Droplet on a Feather

Wet Feather

A Visit to Some Freshwater Springs

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River Crossing

Water Color

Mid-Winter Photo Walk – Video

Downtown Tampa Skyline (with zoomed-in detail views of the original image)

Zoomed-in Detail #1 ↓

Zoomed-in Detail #2 ↓

Downtown Holiday Ambience

Fish Underwater

Autumn Leaves on the Banks of the Stream

Waterfall in Late Autumn

Storm Season Continues

River and Swamp Photo Excursion – Video

Purple Tropical Water Lily

Six Spotted Fishing Spider

Yes, if you are counting there are ten spots on top of the spider. It gets its name from the six dark spots on its underside. It also lives up to its name by being capable of capturing fish up to five times its own body size.

Day in the Swamp – Video

I’m taking you with me as I head out to a nearby swamp with a camera for some personal photography on my day off.

Calm Water in the Pond

Scenic View on Mud Creek

Morning Dew

Morning in Green Swamp