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Deep, Dark, Muddy, Spooky Swamp

Exactly the sort of place I like to spend time in with a camera…

Upper Whitewater Falls

Coastal Rainbow

Indian River Sunset

Tendrils of Light

Sunset Swell

Swift Current – Infrared Image

Waterfall in the Woods

Hilliard Falls

Cool Water

Wild Butterfly Orchids in the Rain

Beneath the Bridge

Crab Shell

Out in the Rain – 90 Second Video

Flood Waters – Infrared Image

Fishing in Shallow Water

Electrical Outburst

Atlantic Tidal Pool – 60 Second Video

Sandpiper in the Sparkling Sea

Small Wave

Up the Creek – Infrared Image

Swamp Water – Infrared Image

Cypress Tree Reflections

Rainy Day in the Swamp – Infrared Image