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Ferns in Swamp Water – Infrared Image

The Beauty of a Gloomy Day – Infrared Image

Reflections of Winter in the Swamp

Wood Stork at Sunset

Sunrise Displayed in a Natural Wood Frame

Tide Rushing In

East Coast Sunrise

Low Tide Before Dawn

Atlantic Coastline, Pre-Dawn Light

Thunderstorm, Gulf of Mexico

Ferris Wheel Reflection

Summer Sky

Water Droplet on a Feather

Wet Feather

A Visit to Some Freshwater Springs

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River Crossing

Water Color

Mid-Winter Photo Walk – Video

Downtown Tampa Skyline (with zoomed-in detail views of the original image)

Zoomed-in Detail #1 ↓

Zoomed-in Detail #2 ↓

Downtown Holiday Ambience

Fish Underwater

Autumn Leaves on the Banks of the Stream

Waterfall in Late Autumn

Storm Season Continues