Venus Rising in Morning Mist with a Meteor

Sunrise Displayed in a Natural Wood Frame

Meteor in the Orion Constellation

Ferns in the Swamp (Infrared Image)

Wispy Clouds

Tide Rushing In

Swamp Lily – Infrared Image

Red Berries on a Blue Day

Patial Solar Eclipse, Viewed From My Front Yard

East Coast Sunrise

Low Tide Before Dawn

Snails Sheltering From the Morning Sun

Ancient Tree Stump

Atlantic Coastline, Pre-Dawn Light

Night Fowl

Camoflouged Green Aphid

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Caterpillar

Snow Fungus on a Wet Log

Thunderstorm, Gulf of Mexico

Barred Owl – Cell Phone Photo

Paper Wasp

Dragonfly on a Stick

Bumblebee in a Purple Passion Flower

Random Assortment of Flowers I’ve Encountered on Recent Hikes