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Sunrise at the Sacred Burial Mound

Dawn Flight

The Start of a Good Day

The Moment Before Dawn

Cypress Sunrise

Sunrise Reflection

Another Sunrise

Canyon Sunrise

Island Sunrise

Good Morning Sunshine

Grazing Cattle

Oak Tree

Resurrection Ferns in Morning Light

Sunrise in the Pine Forest

Country Morning


Dawn Mist

Sunrise at 10,000 Feet

Morning Flight Prep

Albuquerque Sunrise

Forward Ho!

A fun shot that I took while on assignment at an equestrian event over the weekend.

Rise and Shine

Just something I shot while driving a while back.

Lockheed Electra

I think I forgot to post this one back when I shot it last month. The plane in the image is a Lockheed Electra, the same model aircraft that Amelia Earhart used in her infamous attempt at trans-global flight. While I was photographing I was told that this is the specific plane that was used in the 2009 documentary film about her life.

In other news, a book that I worked on as photo editor, photo restorer, and contributing photographer, Tampa’s Hyde Park by author Del Acosta was just published on Monday. It is a pictorial history of one of Tampa’s oldest neighborhoods. Available at, bookstores, and museum stores.