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Tide Rushing In

East Coast Sunrise

Low Tide

Rolling Tide

Tidal Pool

Twilight Tide

Seashells and Sea Foam

Bits and Pieces

Low Tide

Making a Splash

The Tide Creeps In

Seaweed on the Shoreline

Incoming Tide

Ebb Tide

The Tide Rushes in

Watching the Tide Roll Away

Deep, Dark Water in the Deep, Dark Night

Incoming Tide

As you can probably tell, a lot of my jobs lately have put me near the water. I’ve been happy to take advantage of some photo ops for myself after the shooting for clients is over with.

Down by the Seaside

Down is certainly the key word here. I got all the way down to the ground with the camera to get a perspective that has some visual impact.

Ebb and Flow

As is so often the case, it’s the little things that catch my eye.