Photo Walk in the Woods – Video

Mid-Winter Photo Walk – Video

Foggy and Rainy Day Photo Walk – Video

Collecting and Cooking Wild Mushrooms

Breakfast in America (The Beautiful)

River and Swamp Photo Excursion – Video

Danger is Lurking – No, Not Really

I Heard The Internet Was Made For Cat Photos – Who Am I To Argue?

Wild Mushroom Foraging – Video

My Faithful Office Assistant

Day in the Swamp – Video

I’m taking you with me as I head out to a nearby swamp with a camera for some personal photography on my day off.

My Cacti Are Blooming Right on Schedule

Old Times, Good Times

I’m Another Year Older Today

Last Night’s Dinner – A Short Video Experiment

A Long Walk in the Foothills

Personal moments from a recent trip.

Random Stuff From Recent Walks – 3 Minute Video

Deep Thoughts

HangCon Hammock Convention 2020 Highlights

My Box of Memories

Driving at Sunset

A Happy Memory Until Next Year

Still Life Photography – With a Little Help From my Friend