My Cacti Are Blooming Right on Schedule

Old Times, Good Times

I’m Another Year Older Today

Last Night’s Dinner – A Short Video Experiment

A Long Walk in the Foothills

Personal moments from a recent trip.

Random Stuff From Recent Walks – 3 Minute Video

Deep Thoughts

HangCon Hammock Convention 2020 Highlights

My Box of Memories

Driving at Sunset

A Happy Memory Until Next Year

Still Life Photography – With a Little Help From my Friend


Fondly Remembering My Childhood

Beach Baby

Home for the Holiday

Where the Spirits are

Today’s Special: Delicious Dried Starfish

When I’m photographing interiors I often get a chuckle from the gimmicky little things I see that have been done by professional decorators and staging companies.

Rusty and Dusty

The Best Camera to Use…

…is any one you can get your hands on when a picture presents itself. In this case – my cell phone.

Road Trip!

Inside the Mother Ship

That’s My Girl

I’m posting something personal today. My daughter joined the local roller derby league and skated in her first bout this past weekend. That’s her making a block in this image. She had a lot of fun and I had a lot of fun watching and taking some snapshots. It was nice to take a break from my heavy schedule of virtual nonstop shooting for clients and take some fun family pics for a change.

Going Places

When I saw this biplane I was immediately reminded of the mid “60s album from Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Although this image looks very different from the album cover the airplane itself is nearly identical to the one on the cover. I do have an image that was taken at a similar angle and I compared the two. On one hand it makes me feel old to be that familiar with the album but on the other hand I feel good that my memory is still keen enough that I made the connection at first sight.