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A Visit to Some Freshwater Springs

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River Crossing

Downtown Tampa Skyline (with zoomed-in detail views of the original image)

Zoomed-in Detail #1 ↓

Zoomed-in Detail #2 ↓

River and Swamp Photo Excursion – Video

Industrial Landscape

Split Rock

River Bank Vista in Autumn

Golden Afternoon Light Reflected in the River

Covered Bridge

Swift Current – Infrared Image

Flood Waters – Infrared Image

Silver and Gold

Samba del Rio

Log Jam

Leftover From Days Gone By

Rugged Country

Submerged Palm Tree – Infrared Image

Trees on the River Bank – Infrared Image

River Crossing – Infrared Image

River’s Edge (Infrared Image)

Supper Time

Rocky Riverbed

Storms in the Valley

Fire in the Sky, Fire in the Water