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Cocktail Prep (20 second video)

A social media marketing video I recently created for a client.

A Visit to Some Freshwater Springs

Click here to access a version that can be played in fullscreen mode if your browser does not give you the option below

Mid-Winter Photo Walk – Video

Foggy and Rainy Day Photo Walk – Video

Wild Mushroom Foraging – Video

Day in the Swamp – Video

I’m taking you with me as I head out to a nearby swamp with a camera for some personal photography on my day off.

Last Night’s Dinner – A Short Video Experiment

Random Snapshots of Mushrooms

A Long Walk in the Foothills

Personal moments from a recent trip.

Out in the Rain – 90 Second Video

Atlantic Tidal Pool – 60 Second Video

Random Stuff From Recent Walks – 3 Minute Video

Kissimmee Prarie Night Sky Time Lapse

The Desert Trip – Movie

Venus Rising (and a few meteors) – 20 Second Timelapse Video

Autumn Leaves – Video Post

Click on the image to access the HD video with full-screen option.

Desert Plants and Flowers – Video Post

Some snapshots from my recent trip to the desert presented in video form with soundtrack.