Another Round of Drinks

Cocktail Prep (20 second video)

A social media marketing video I recently created for a client.

Have A Drink On Me

Snow Fungus on a Wet Log

One of the Times My Cat Helped Me With a Photo Shoot

Collecting and Cooking Wild Mushrooms

Big Gulp

Harvest Time

Wild Florida Blueberries

Last Night’s Dinner – A Short Video Experiment

Fun in my Kitchen With Chocolate Chips

Lunch Counter Line-up

Ice Cold Raspberry Lemonade

I Am Not Thirsty

I Would Like a Red One Please

Sweet Breakfast Treats

Wine Barrels

Autumn’s Bounty

Ripe, Red Chile Peppers

Snack Time

The Best Part of Waking Up

I’ll Have a Nice Cabernet, Thank You


Pork Chop