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Reflections of Winter in the Swamp

On the Floor, In the Light



Colors and Patterns on an Old Tree Stump

Caught in the Crack


Leaf-Footed Bug


Palmetto Flame

The Poser

Leaf in a Window

Elements of Autumn

Vivid Contrast

Solitary Ant

Frog’s Hammock

Beginning to Melt

Beginning to Melt

Hanging by a Thread

This entry marks a milestone of sorts. This web site is the 5th edition of the online photo journal that I launched 14 years ago this month and this is the 1500th image posted in this edition. I’ve posted approximately 3500 images in total across the 5 editions. Looking forward to posting many more.

I Heart Bokeh

Empty Spaces

Frozen in Time

Late Fall

Around here the seasons can be very confusing, even for the trees. This is the same tree as yesterday’s post, different branch, photographed a few seconds after the other. The tree can’t seem to decide if it’s early spring or late fall right now.

Down on the Ground

Whenever I walk through the woods and swamps with a camera I stay on the lookout for fallen maple leaves. They never fail to provide vibrant subject matter.