Waterfall in Late Autumn

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Springtime in the Rockies

It’s Storm Season

The Power Plant at the End of the Rainbow

River and Swamp Photo Excursion – Video

Last Night’s Thunderstorm

Day in the Swamp – Video

I’m taking you with me as I head out to a nearby swamp with a camera for some personal photography on my day off.

Springtime in the Forest

In the Woods

Calm Water in the Pond

Scenic View on Mud Creek

Morning in Green Swamp

Leftovers From Summer

Looking Across the Stream

Cascade on the Mountainside

Autumn Woods

Dry Falls – Yes, That’s Really it’s Name

Reflections in Smith Creek

Center Stream Waterfall View

Moon Rising at Twilight

Waterfall Detail, Side View

Autumn Sunburst

The View From the Middle of the Stream