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Storm Over the Desert

Onward and Upward

Offshore Thunderstorm

Storms in the Valley

Storm Clouds

Skirting the Shoreline

Storm Beyond the Bridge

Storm Over the Bay – Infrared

Summer Storm

Vanishing Vista

Early Morning Storm

Approaching Storm

Storm Approaching the River – Infrared

Rain on the River

Sunshine in the Rain

All By Myself

The Calm After the Storm

At the Rainbow’s End

Gloomy Day at the Beach

True Grit

This is a scan of a 35mm negative I shot the other week that exhibits an extreme grain pattern. I have decided that I like the effect in this particular composition.

Storm Brewing on the Horizon

Mountain Sunset

As I continue to scan some of my old slides to present here in my journal I’ve come to realize that I miss the rich, saturated colors that I could get by deliberately underexposing Ektachrome film. With the right subject matter, a light to moderately underexposed slide looked terrific right out of the camera. No processing software necessary, just shine some light through it and enjoy.

Highway to Hell

Lightning at the Lake