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Sea Oats at Sunset

At the Observation Post

Moonless Night

Night Sky Above the Appalachian Trail

Evening Sky

Photo Op

Wish You Were Here



Strolling Through the Alley

St. Augustine Sunset

Spanish Moss

Close Encounters

Ring Around the Moon

Passing Through

Smoky Mountain Moonrise

Just Another Florida Sunset

Modern Day Icarus

Sea Fog

Running in Circles

My Ship Finally Came In…

…and it was full of pirates.

The Fish Market

35mm black and white film. A little patience paid off here. After buying some fresh red snapper and grouper filets here I waited outside with my camera knowing that eventually someone would stand in the right place inside and make a nice silhouette. As a lucky bonus the boat entered the left side of the frame at exactly the same time creating a nice balance with the light colored marina in the background on the right side of the frame.

Mountain Sunset

As I continue to scan some of my old slides to present here in my journal I’ve come to realize that I miss the rich, saturated colors that I could get by deliberately underexposing Ektachrome film. With the right subject matter, a light to moderately underexposed slide looked terrific right out of the camera. No processing software necessary, just shine some light through it and enjoy.

The Golden Hour