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Sideways Tree – Infrared Image

Old Oak in the Swamp – Infrared Image

Oak Tree and Palmettos – Infrared Image

River Crossing – Infrared Image

River’s Edge (Infrared Image)

Cypress Knees – Infrared Image

Spring Foliage in the Forest – Infrared Image

Ferns and Palms – Infrared Image

Deep Woods – Infrared Image

Twins – Infrared Image

Cypress Knees – Infrared

Tipped Over – Infrared

Winter Clouds – Infrared

Chicken Farm Sink – Infrared

Down by the River – Infrared

Over the River and Through the Woods – Infrared

Spooky Old Oak Tree – Infrared

Black Water – Infrared

Another Swamp Scene – Infrared

Withering on the Vine – Infrared

Sunshine Skyway and Clouds in the Sky – Infrared

After the Harvest – Infrared

Crown of Ferns – Infrared

Swamp Ferns – Infrared