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Everglades Vista

Oak Tree and Palmettos – Infrared Image

Trees on the River Bank – Infrared Image

Cypress Swamp – Double Exposure

One Minute Slideshow

Cypress Knees – Infrared Image

Morning Mushrooms


When the Swamp Waters Recede

Ferns and Palms – Infrared Image

Sunset in the Bayhead

Swamp Water

Flowers in the Swamp Mud

What Autumn Looks Like in the South

Flood Waters in the Woods – Infrared Image

Twins – Infrared Image

Swamp Lily – Double Exposure

Cypress Swamp – Double Exposure

Springtime in the Cypress Swamp

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White Ibis Wading

Spring Flowers in the Swamp

Cypress Knees – Infrared

Pecky Cypress – Infrared

Spring Has Arrived