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Wildflower in the Swamp

River Crossing


Mid-Winter Photo Walk – Video

Snail Shell

Foggy and Rainy Day Photo Walk – Video

Light at the End of the Tunnel

River and Swamp Photo Excursion – Video

Day in the Swamp – Video

I’m taking you with me as I head out to a nearby swamp with a camera for some personal photography on my day off.

Calm Water in the Pond

Cypress Knee Cross Section

Morning in Green Swamp

Big Cypress Sunrise

Alligator’s Personal Hot Tub

Deep in the Swamp – Infrared Image

Another Swamp Scene

Deep, Dark, Muddy, Spooky Swamp

Exactly the sort of place I like to spend time in with a camera…

Swamp Scenery – Infrared Image

Up the Creek – Infrared Image

Swamp Water – Infrared Image

Cypress Trees – Infrared Image

Cypress Tree Reflections

Rainy Day in the Swamp – Infrared Image

Random Stuff From Recent Walks – 3 Minute Video