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Deep, Dark, Muddy, Spooky Swamp

Exactly the sort of place I like to spend time in with a camera…

Swamp Scenery – Infrared Image

Up the Creek – Infrared Image

Swamp Water – Infrared Image

Cypress Trees – Infrared Image

Cypress Tree Reflections

Rainy Day in the Swamp – Infrared Image

Random Stuff From Recent Walks – 3 Minute Video

The One That Got Caught and the One That Got Away

Wildflowers in the Swamp


The First Light of the Sun

Wild Spider Lily

Old Oak in the Swamp – Infrared Image

Swamp Blossoms

Great Egret in the Everglades

Everglades Vista

Oak Tree and Palmettos – Infrared Image

Trees on the River Bank – Infrared Image

Cypress Swamp – Double Exposure

One Minute Slideshow

Cypress Knees – Infrared Image

Morning Mushrooms