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Rainy Afternoon in a Swamp – Video

Alligator Track Meandering Away Through the Mud

Sandhill Cranes in the Rain

Swamp Mud – Infrared Image

A Fresh Coat of Mud

The Art of Mud

Deep, Dark, Muddy, Spooky Swamp

Exactly the sort of place I like to spend time in with a camera…

Rio Grande Mud

A Trickle in the Stream Bed

Flowers in the Swamp Mud

The Tide Creeps In

Dry Season in the Swamp

Thundering Hooves


I was photographing an event recently where people raced through a mud obstacle course. Of course I was just as interested in the abstract patterns in the mud as I was in the racing action.

I Love My Job!

Doing this for a living sure beats sitting behind a desk. It’s not always this dirty though, in fact right after this shoot I rinsed myself and the cameras off, (they are waterproof) changed into a suit and shot a wedding. Never a dull moment.

Get Close, Get Dirty, Get the Shot

I had the opportunity to shoot at the local motocross track yesterday right after it rained. The mud was flying everywhere and getting in close for shots like this meant getting plastered with it. I had to wash off the cameras and lenses a couple of times during the shoot. Everyone else was using delicate brushes and air blowers to keep their equipment serviceable and they all got a kick out of watching me pour a bottle of drinking water over my cameras and lenses to clean them off.

Intricate Mud

I figured I may as well make it 3 in a row for black and white posts here. I was totally fascinated with the details and texture created in this patch of mud by all the assorted tracks of insects and small animals. You wouldn’t believe the swarm of mosquitoes that I had to brave when I stopped to compose this shot though. Click this one to make it bigger and get a better appreciation of the texture.