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Green Fields, Blue Sky, White Clouds

Moss, Ferns, and Lichens on a Tree Branch

Ancient Tree Stump

Camoflouged Green Aphid

Snow Fungus on a Wet Log

Male Carolina Anole Mating Display

Green Orchid Bee in a Wet Azalea

Ferns on a Mossy Branch

Fiddlehead on a Fern

Sprouting Lichens


Parallel and Diagonal Trees

Springtime in the Forest

Solitary Ant


Moss and Ferns

Green Orchid Bee in Flight

Grasshopper Having a Bad Day

Upper Whitewater Falls

Luna Moth

I discovered this luna moth just after it had emerged from it’s pupa, wings still unfolding and wet. It is seen here waiting for it’s wings to dry to be able to take flight.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Cypress Tree Reflections


Mother Nature’s Symmetry