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Ferns on a Mossy Branch

Springtime in the Forest

Moss and Ferns

Looking Up From the Forest Floor

Cypress Knees – Infrared Image

Spring Foliage in the Forest – Infrared Image

Ferns and Palms – Infrared Image

Knee Deep in the Underbrush

On the Forest Floor

Green on Green

Chicken Farm Sink – Infrared

Ferns in the Current

Resurrection Ferns – Infrared

Midstream Oasis – Infrared

Ferns in the Cypress Swamp – Infrared

Another Swamp Scene – Infrared

Crown of Ferns – Infrared

Swamp Ferns – Infrared

Ferns on the Forest Floor

Sunset in the Cypress Swamp

Green Day

Excessive Garnish

Sunset in the Swamp

In the Woods