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Looking Up From the Forest Floor

Cypress Knees – Infrared Image

Spring Foliage in the Forest – Infrared Image

Ferns and Palms – Infrared Image

Knee Deep in the Underbrush

On the Forest Floor

Green on Green

Chicken Farm Sink – Infrared

Ferns in the Current

Resurrection Ferns – Infrared

Midstream Oasis – Infrared

Ferns in the Cypress Swamp – Infrared

Another Swamp Scene – Infrared

Crown of Ferns – Infrared

Swamp Ferns – Infrared

Ferns on the Forest Floor

Sunset in the Cypress Swamp

Green Day

Excessive Garnish

Sunset in the Swamp

In the Woods

Cypress Hammock

Afternoon in the Forest

Ferns in the Woods