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Deep in the Forest in the Middle of the Night


Childhood Fascination

Venus Rising in Morning Mist with a Meteor

Meteor in the Orion Constellation

Wispy Clouds

Low Tide Before Dawn

Night Fowl

Night Rider


Thunderstorm, Gulf of Mexico

Ferris Wheel Reflection

Caution – Maid Crossing

Partial Lunar Eclipse (Cell Phone Photo)

I made this image during a recent partial lunar eclipse while testing some of the night and astrophotography options on my cell phone.

Downtown Tampa Skyline (with zoomed-in detail views of the original image)

Zoomed-in Detail #1 ↓

Zoomed-in Detail #2 ↓

Blossoms in my Backyard

Bright City Night

Holiday Decorations

Tis the Season

Sitting by the Campfire…

and Watching a Meteor Shower

Storm Season Continues

It’s Storm Season

Orion Nebula on a Hazy Night

Flame Nebula and Horsehead Nebula