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Root System

Moss, Ferns, and Lichens on a Tree Branch

Snow Fungus on a Wet Log

Spooky Old Oak Tree

Snail Shell

Colors and Patterns on an Old Tree Stump

Cypress Knee Cross Section

Lichens and Moss

Moss and Ferns

Elements of Autumn

Falling Leaves, Falling Water

Spring Fed Stream

Vivid Contrast

Meet Me at the Back Gate

Green on Green

Dry Season in the Swamp


Mushrooms, Moss, and Lichens

Spanish Moss

The Door is Always Open

Convergence of the Streams

Cold Mountain Stream

Where the Moss Grows Fat

Moon in the Moss

I’ve been working virtually nonstop on assignments for clients for the last few weeks and haven’t done much shooting just for myself. I stopped the other night on the way home from a location shoot and took a few minutes to just chill out and take a few snapshots of the full moon rising into a hazy night sky.