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Purple Haze

Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly

Purple Tropical Water Lily

Purple Passion Flower Close-Up

Bee on a Purple Thistle

Very Tiny Purple Flower

Flowering Salt Wort

Wild Grapes

Wild Butterfly Pea Flower

Flowering Epiphyte

Purple Twilight

Tiny Blue Beetle

Fluttering Through the Field

Swamp Blossoms




Purple Passion Flower

Again With Bugs and Flowers

Tiny Blossom Sprouting in the Forest

Saucerful of Shards

Purple Mushroom

Purple Haze

I’m overwhelmed with client work this week as a major magazine deadline is approaching and everyone wants me to shoot something at the last minute to get published. So I’m still not shooting anything for myself. As a matter of fact I’m hardly even getting any sleep because I’m shooting assignments until at least 9:00 pm each night and then driving home and processing files until the wee hours and then I start over again. So here is another random image pulled from my archives that I never got around to posting here in the past.

Stay Thirsty My Friends

I was waiting for my dinner in a Mexican restaurant the other night, and as usual I had a camera handy. So I amused myself as usual by taking pictures.