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Quiet Time

Vanishing Vista

The High Road

When the Fog began to Clear – Polaroid

Lonely Street

Morning on a Country Lane

Winter is Coming

Rocky River

Spirit Trees

A Trace of Autumn


Dawn Mist

Midnight Mist

Dawn Mist

Secluded Path to the Sea

The Road to Somewhere

Before Dawn

Moon in the Moss

I’ve been working virtually nonstop on assignments for clients for the last few weeks and haven’t done much shooting just for myself. I stopped the other night on the way home from a location shoot and took a few minutes to just chill out and take a few snapshots of the full moon rising into a hazy night sky.

Night Mist

Misty Moonrise

The Road Less Traveled

In the mountains of New Mexico. I’m really looking forward to the next photography tour that I’m leading here later this year.

Morning Mist

This time of year the mist hangs in the woods for a long time in the morning before dissipating in the face of the sun.

Morning Serenity

The deep quiet of the predawn wilderness was very calming as I walked through the mist with my camera in search of  scenes like this.