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The First Light of the Sun

Misty Forest

Walk Toward the Light

Light in the Window

Light up the Night

Shadow and Light

Got a Light?

Summer Day – Double Exposure

Morning Sunbeam

Layers of Light on the River

Night Light

Shadow and Light

A Slice of Light

Blinded by the Light

Light and Shadow, Color and Contrast

Lights on the Jetty

This is a time exposure that I made while a fisherman with a lantern walked across the jetty at twilight.

We’ll Leave the Light on for You

A Mug and a Light for the Night

Distant Lights

Window Light

Night Light

At night I left my curtains open, turned off all the lights in my room and let the Luxor be my night light.

Night Light

Night Mist

Blue Sky

Still sticking to my impromptu theme for the week. This is one of  several example images I like to use when I talk about how the best camera to use sometimes is simply whatever camera you can lay hands on in a hurry to get the shot. Any shot captured with a point and shoot or phone camera beats a shot missed with a fancy DSLR. I try to keep a point and shoot handy in the console or dash of my vehicle whenever I’m traveling so that I can quickly and safely grab a shot through the windshield or window. In this case I was driving on a reservation in New Mexico and for no more than about ten seconds a sunbeam broke through the clouds illuminating the mesa in the distance and creating a small section of rainbow above it. I had just enough time to grab the little camera, turn it on, point it through the windshield, and shoot. Almost instantly after I got the shot the hole in the clouds closed and the light was gone. A few other people who were with me tried but were too slow with their big rigs to get the shot in those fleeting few seconds.