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Misty Moonrise


When I was walking down the beach to get setup for the moonrise photos I took this photo. I was walking with a dozen other photographers at the time and I don’t recall seeing any of them stop to take a shot of this scene. One thing I usually try to avoid is getting in the mindset that I am on a mission to take just one sort of photo. I try to keep my eyes and my mind open to anything that is interesting, whether or not it is what I am supposed to be shooting.

Tampa Bay Moonrise #2

This is one of the last photos of the evening when the moon had risen above the bridge and was illuminating the bay with a beautiful warm glow.

Tampa Bay Moonrise #1

Friday, on the night of the full moon, the skies turned perfectly clear and cloud-free and I knew there would be no problem seeing the moon rise up beneath the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. It was quite a beautiful sight when it made its appearance. This is the first shot I took that evening. Tomorrow I will post one of the later shots taken as the moon loomed over the bridge in the clear night sky. Click on the pic to see a larger size.