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The Vultures are Circling

Afternoon Storm

Summer Sunset


Fluttering Through the Field

Summer Wildflowers


Another Sunrise

Gone to Seed

Harvest Time.

Prarie Dog

Old Tack Room

In a Summer Field

Hazy Hills

Standing Alone

Farm Country – Polaroid

Defying Death

Fields of Summer

Fields of Gold

I am often asked why I have so many 50mm lenses and how do I choose which one to use for a shot. First off they are all old (70′s vintage) and really inexpensive to get. Most importantly they each have a different optical design and therefore they each render a different flavor of lens flare and bokeh from one another. When I shoot a scene in backlighting, (and all my friends know that’s what I love to do every chance I get) I pick my lens based on what I want the flare and bokeh to look like. This is a case in point. The lens I used has a damaged front element and I won’t throw it away because I know it does this when I use it right. You may find it hard to believe but there hasn’t been a single thing done to this image in post processing. This is exactly what was produced in-camera because of my lens choice, the lighting, and the subject matter.

The Greens of Summer

Yes I admit it – I could hear Paul Simon singing “Kodachrome” in my head as I laid down in the grass to make this image.

On the Hunt Again

It’s that time of year again when I go out with this equestrian group and for the better part of the week I run around in the woods and swamps by day looking for shots like this and by night I shoot the parties and a formal ball that they put on. It’s a fun job that I look forward to every year.