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Castillo de San Marcos Cannons

Illuminated Fortress

Night at the Castillo

Midnight in the Spanish Quarter – Polaroid

St. Augustine Sunset

St. George Street

Evening Rain

Midnight Mist

Lonely Street

Another Polaroid print from the 1963 Model 100.

Chapel Interior

After Hours

A Quiet Corner in the Courtyard

Fortress at Midnight

Up or Down?

Parked for the Night

We’ll Leave the Light on for You

Breaking Free

Keeping Watch in the Night

Majesty of Nature vs Monuments of Man

Nature wins that contest every time.

A Peaceful Place… Now

The chapel of Our Lady of La Leche stands at the place where the first Catholic mass was held in the Americas in 1565. The current incarnation of the chapel was restored in 1914. Prior structures that stood here were subjected at various times to cannon fire, torching by pirates, accidental fires, and hurricanes.

Safe Harbor

A serene evening scene in St. Augustine. (I like to make rhymes at times with captions of mine.)


I wanted to compose an image that highlighted the stained glass windows in the sanctuary of the Cathedral Basilica. It took quite a while to actually get the shot. There were some people who came in to pray and out of respect I waited patiently for a moment when the sanctuary was empty to shoot.

Art Deco Abstract

This diner in St Augustine was perfect for an exercise in abstraction.

Cathedral Basilica Interior

This is one of several views that I expect to post here. I really enjoy it when I have the opportunity to photograph beautiful interiors like this.