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Storm Beyond the Bridge

Sunshine Skyway and Clouds in the Sky – Infrared

Tampa Skyline

Watch Out For That Last Step

Lights in the Sky

This is a time exposure I made recently during a rainstorm of a jetliner on approach with it’s landing lights illuminated.


Moon Descending Over the Bay


True Grit

This is a scan of a 35mm negative I shot the other week that exhibits an extreme grain pattern. I have decided that I like the effect in this particular composition.

Tampa Bay Twilight

It’s hard to pass up a nice sunset when you have a camera handy. It’s a subject that never gets old. This was the view from the back yard of one of the homes I was photographing recently.

Sail Away

Posting something for mom here today.


Misty Moonrise


Another crab’s-eye view beach landscape.

Incoming Tide

As you can probably tell, a lot of my jobs lately have put me near the water. I’ve been happy to take advantage of some photo ops for myself after the shooting for clients is over with.


low angle is one of my favorite perspectives to incorporate into a composition. Presenting a subject in a very different way than from eye-level helps give it more visual impact.


It has been so long it has rained around here. Yesterday the skies finally clouded up and storms rolled through all day and night. As you probably know by now I love to shoot in the rain so I took some time for myself between appointments to do just that. I got totally drenched and enjoyed every minute of it.

At the Finish Line

I was on the shoreline at sunset the other evening as the sailboats participating in a regatta were crossing the finish line. The setting sun illuminated the scene with a wonderful warm glow as I photographed the event.

Go With the Flow

Looks like I’m sticking with a water theme here for the time being.

Tampa Bay Moonrise #2

This is one of the last photos of the evening when the moon had risen above the bridge and was illuminating the bay with a beautiful warm glow.

Tampa Bay Moonrise #1

Friday, on the night of the full moon, the skies turned perfectly clear and cloud-free and I knew there would be no problem seeing the moon rise up beneath the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. It was quite a beautiful sight when it made its appearance. This is the first shot I took that evening. Tomorrow I will post one of the later shots taken as the moon loomed over the bridge in the clear night sky. Click on the pic to see a larger size.

Waterfront Property

I’m in a rush right now so for today’s post I simply grabbed a shot that I liked from yesterday’s shoot.

Slowly Slipping Into the Sea

I have been in an awful creative slump lately because the allergy meds I’ve been taking for the last several weeks just seem to suck the life out of me. I finally quit taking them 3 days ago and even though I’m suffering from the allergy symptoms again I feel mentally refreshed and the creative juices are starting to flow again. I went out last night with my 3 million candlepower spotlight and used it to light up this abandoned bait shack. I made five shots altogether, 4 with colored gels and one without, then created this composite from the five originals. It feels good to finally do something artistic for a change.