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Pueblo Ruins

Casa Rinconada Interior, Chaco Canyon

View Through an Ancient Window

A Hole in the Wall, as Seen Through a Hole in the Wall

Light in the Window


I’m in a hurry so I’m just posting something that is more documentary in nature today. This is a small collection of ancient, broken pottery pieces that can be found littering the ground in Chaco Canyon. Ceremonial breaking of pottery was a common practice in the culture here a millennia ago. Today it is illegal to collect any of the artifacts here but I did enjoy studying the variety of textures and designs on the fragments and making a photographic record of some of them.

Moonlit Desert Landscape

Elk in the Desert

We encountered this elk in Chaco Canyon and were able to get a fair amount of good photos of it before it decided to run off.

Chaco Canyon by Moonlight

We were blessed with crystal clear skies in the canyon all day yesterday and into the night. When the moon came up over the mesa it illuminated the entire canyon with it’s bright light and we really enjoyed standing beneath the stars in the silence of the desert photographing the moonlit vista.