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Vortex in the Woods

Green Fields, Blue Sky, White Clouds

Winter Trees Abstract


Putting a New Spin on Things

It’s All A Blur

Sea Oats in the Sea Breeze

Full Speed Ahead

Melt Away

Another one of my experimental motion-blur/panning shots that I made at a recent roller derby bout.

Skate Away

Abstract Skaters

While photographing a roller derby bout I had the idea to experiment with making some motion-blur and abstract images with one of my cameras. This is one of the abstract images that I made at the roller rink on Saturday night.

Paint a Picture of the Forest

Just found this pic while working on a project last night. This a rare photo that I made with an old point and shoot camera that I keep handy in my console for quick shots and fun shots. No, the effect didn’t come from Photoshop. This was from a series of shots that I made by setting a slow shutter on the camera and holding it against the window while driving fast on a winding mountain road.