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Spiraling Upward

Bright Natural Light

Slow Day at the Shopping Mall

Laundromat Interior

Peace Lily Interior

Mexican Restaurant at Night – Shot on Film

Empty Spaces

Class Dismissed

Spare Parts

Shrine at Night

Dave the Bartender Accidentally Steps Into My Shot

Shadow and Light

Inside the Workshop

Pipe Organ

Spartan Accommodations

Chapel Interior

Today’s Special: Delicious Dried Starfish

When I’m photographing interiors I often get a chuckle from the gimmicky little things I see that have been done by professional decorators and staging companies.

My Latest Magazine Cover

Window Light

Empty Spaces

Monochrome Mood

I think that because all of the commercial work that I do is in color my personal work has leaning heavily toward the black and white side of the artistic spectrum. Almost all of the film I’ve been running through the antique cameras lately has been black and white. That means that here in my journal where I primarily display personal work there will be plenty more monochrome images to come.

Cinderella has Left the Building

This is the ballroom inside of a home I photographed this week.

The Bar is Open

Old School Man-Cave