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It Will Be Cold In The Old Homestead Tonight

Pueblo Ruins

Casa Rinconada Interior, Chaco Canyon

Leftover From Days Gone By

Doorways Into the Past

Waterway at the Mill

Window Seat

Mill Wheel

Store Clerk

Yeehaw Junction – Instant Film Print

Long Corridor – Polaroid

Midnight in the Spanish Quarter – Polaroid

Western Hospitality

Something for What Ails You

A Mug and a Light for the Night

Ready, Aim, Fire!

My Latest Cover Shot

All That’s Missing are Some Bowls of Corn Flakes

This weekend I started a project photographing the mansion that was once the winter home of cereal magnate W. K. Kellog. The rooms inside are highly ornate, very beautiful, and a challenge to photograph. I will post a few more of what I have done so far over the next few days.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Between Battles

A candid still life that I came across while wandering about the soldier’s encampment during a historic reenactment at Dade Battlefield.

The Garden Shed

Interior of the garden shed that houses the well for the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Estate in Cross Creek, FL.

Old Sugar Mill

A bit of steam powered Florida history sits on the side of the road in the quiet little town of Homosassa.

Fire in the Hole!

I was at a historic battle reenactment this past weekend and there was no shortage of interesting photo opportunities there. Here you can see the firepower that one of the barrels on this double barrel shotgun has.