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A Fresh Coat of Mud

El Pinon

Shadow Play

Adobe Portal

Morning Shadows

Inside the Old Homestead

Santa Rosa de Lima at Night

Six Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Reserved Parking

The House on the Hill

Nightfall in a Back Alley

Window Light

Let the Sun Shine In

Color and Texture

One of the reasons I love spending time in the southwest with a camera is because I love to work with color and texture and these ingredients are found together there in abundance.

Heads Up

This nifty arrangement was leaning against the back wall of a church. I always enjoy it when I happen upon an interesting visual pun that I can shoot.

Icons of the Southwest

Nothing says you have arrived in the southwest quite like a brilliant red chile ristra hanging in the sun in front of an adobe wall.


The direction of light on this tree and it’s placement with respect to the adobe wall made me stop in my tracks as I was walking by. Using adobe as a background in compositions is one of my favorite things to do.