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Dead Tree

After the Fire

Fire in the Sky, Fire in the Water

Sparks and Embers

Prarie Pond Vista

Tools of the Trade

A Cozy Table in the Back

Fire Water

Incoming Cannon Fire


Ready, Aim, Fire!

Artillery Fire

I made it a personal challenge to capture a shot with fire coming out of the cannon. Definitely not as easy as it sounds because the fire is only visible for an incredibly small fraction of a second and nailing the timing takes quick reflexes, a fast shutter frame rate, and plenty of luck. It took twenty exposures before I was happy with a capture.

An Evening by the Pool

I haven’t had the opportunity to shoot anything for myself in forever. I am shooting a lot for clients though. I have been going through archives from my guided photo tours lately and looking for images that I never published to post here. Today I am breaking from my norm and posting something I shot this week for a client. Its from a twilight series I did for an ad to be published in the duPont Registry.

Finally Took a Day Off and Only Made Phone Pics

For the first time in months I took a day off and didn’t work on something for someone else. I took it easy and left the real cameras alone but I still couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures. I used my phone to snap a few shots while I was grilling my cheese-stuffed burgers and spiral-cut hot dogs.


I know it must be hot because his t-shirt says so.

The Best Part of Waking Up…

This is my idea of dining al fresco.