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Honey, I’m Home…What’s for Dinner?

Another Time, Another Place

Welcome Home, We Left Every Single Light on for You

Are You Afraid of Ghosts?

This is a Polaroid print that I made the other day with a vintage 1963 model 100 Land Camera

My Latest Cover Shot

Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

…who is the most invisible photographer of them all? I felt like I needed to be invisible in order to photograph this powder room and not have my gear or myself reflect repeatedly in all those mirrors

Did I Mention That the Rooms Were Ornate?

All That’s Missing are Some Bowls of Corn Flakes

This weekend I started a project photographing the mansion that was once the winter home of cereal magnate W. K. Kellog. The rooms inside are highly ornate, very beautiful, and a challenge to photograph. I will post a few more of what I have done so far over the next few days.