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Welcoming Them Home

Incoming Cannon Fire

Sermon in the Woods

Guns and Ammo

Misbehaving Mare

War Paint

Ironically, He’s Related to John Wayne

Reenactor Portrayal of Major Francis Dade

In the Dark


Two Generations

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Tres Amigos

War Weary Veterans

Old Glory

Artillery Fire

I made it a personal challenge to capture a shot with fire coming out of the cannon. Definitely not as easy as it sounds because the fire is only visible for an incredibly small fraction of a second and nailing the timing takes quick reflexes, a fast shutter frame rate, and plenty of luck. It took twenty exposures before I was happy with a capture.

Assemble the Troops

Soldier’s Sweetheart

I had the opportunity recently to photograph a civil war battle reenactment. The reenactors recreate more than just battles, they recreate the way of life of the time. This allows for a lot of interesting photography in the soldier’s and sutler’s encampments prior to and after the actual battles. It’s a terrific insight into what life was like during a tumultuous period of the nation’s history.

Fire in the Hole!

I was at a historic battle reenactment this past weekend and there was no shortage of interesting photo opportunities there. Here you can see the firepower that one of the barrels on this double barrel shotgun has.