Sparks and Flames

Sometimes the oddest things will fascinate me from a visual perspective. The other night I was prepping some charcoal to grill some fish and I found the sight interesting enough to point a camera at.

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

I’ve been hearing the song a lot during the holiday season so for fun today I put this little diptych together. Merry Christmas!

Through a Dirty Window

Message From Above

An airplane flew over my house recently and wrote this message in the sky. Skywriting is something I haven’t seen in a very long time. I had a camera handy so I made a snapshot to document the unusual occurrence.

Wigged Out

This something I shot just for fun when I went out on a field trip a while back with the Tampa Bay Camera Club.

Simply Perfect

Bold colors and simple geometry are things that I truly enjoy combining in basic yet strong compositions. The end result may look very simple – and that’s exactly my intention, but it actually took some time and effort once I spotted the elements to make it work. Anyone watching me changing lenses and crawling around on the ground to find the right position and angle might have thought I was slightly nuts but this type of image really agrees with my personal artistic sensibilities. So for me it was worth the work and I really don’t mind what anyone who saw me lying in the dirt might have thought.


I’m in a hurry so I’m just posting something that is more documentary in nature today. This is a small collection of ancient, broken pottery pieces that can be found littering the ground in Chaco Canyon. Ceremonial breaking of pottery was a common practice in the culture here a millennia ago. Today it is illegal to collect any of the artifacts here but I did enjoy studying the variety of textures and designs on the fragments and making a photographic record of some of them.

Heads Up

This nifty arrangement was leaning against the back wall of a church. I always enjoy it when I happen upon an interesting visual pun that I can shoot.

I Love My Job!

Doing this for a living sure beats sitting behind a desk. It’s not always this dirty though, in fact right after this shoot I rinsed myself and the cameras off, (they are waterproof) changed into a suit and shot a wedding. Never a dull moment.

Bones and Bubbly

As usually happens when I have time on an assignment I will capture quirky little things like this strictly for my own amusement.

Be Sharp, Be Soft

One of my favorite creative relaxation activities is to simply wander around with a wide-open 50mm manual focus lens on a camera and look for small details.

The Nightmare Slayer

I went out last night to an event at an art studio and just for fun I threw together this fantasy concept shot.

Castles Made of Sand…

…Fall in the sea, eventually.

Mean Streets

It was raining last night when I walked out of my studio to go home so instead of walking straight to my truck I made a detour through the neighborhood with my camera and grabbed a few shots for myself.

Everyone is a Beggar

Waiting for handouts from the tourists on the pier.

Fake Flowers Floating in a Fountain

Just one of those little scenes that caught my eye while shooting at an event this weekend.

Buildings, Sky, and a Bug’s Eye

I caught this reflection in a Volkswagen Beetle the other day.

Two States of Water

It has been miserably hot lately so I wasn’t shy about getting good and wet in this cool, refreshing fountain the other afternoon in order to create this composition composed of repetitive elements. It’s nice to be able to rely on weatherproof cameras and lenses once in a while.

Livin’ the High Life

Between assignments yesterday I had a few minutes to kill on location and I found this gem.

Time Capsule

I ran across this scene last week while shooting on location for a client and just had to divert from the task at hand for a moment to shoot this for myself.

Something Blue

It’s just a bit of broken glass lying on a storm sewer cover but I am always attracted to shiny, colorful objects when I have a camera handy.

Vanishing Point

Just another shot taken while walking around Ybor City.

Supper Time

Sometimes my sense of humor is pretty lame but I have no shame.

Let There be Lights

As I mentioned yesterday I have been amusing myself the past few days by pulling a few images from my archives with repetitive patterns in them. Here is another one that caught my eye.