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Criss-Crossed (Multiple Exposure)

Beneath the Bridge

Urban Geometry – Shot on Film

Urban Geometry

Geometry Lesson

Simple Geometry

Simply Perfect

Bold colors and simple geometry are things that I truly enjoy combining in basic yet strong compositions. The end result may look very simple – and that’s exactly my intention, but it actually took some time and effort once I spotted the elements to make it work. Anyone watching me changing lenses and crawling around on the ground to find the right position and angle might have thought I was slightly nuts but this type of image really agrees with my personal artistic sensibilities. So for me it was worth the work and I really don’t mind what anyone who saw me lying in the dirt might have thought.

Nearly Abstract

I have an undenial penchant for very simple geometric compositions. This fresh paint in an alley near my studio caught my eye the other day and made me happy.