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Red, White, and Blue


Downtown Tampa Skyline (with zoomed-in detail views of the original image)

Zoomed-in Detail #1 ↓

Zoomed-in Detail #2 ↓

Bright City Night

Inside a Covered Bridge

Damn Good Coffee, Damn Good Price

Clear Skies Above

Front Porch

Clouds in the Windows

On the Move

Sky Vista

Worn and Weathered

Spare Parts

Twilight in the Empty Library

Out in the Cold

Ghostly Tales in the Library

Where the Spirits are

Walk That Way

Room with a View

I’m really busy and didn’t take time to look for a personal picture to post today as I typically do. I figured this image from an assignment I shot on Tuesday was worth posting here instead.

Sunset View

Since I posted a shot of the exterior of this beach cottage the other day I figured I may as well show a bit of the interior too.

All Work and No Play

I don’t make it a habit of posting client work here on my daily journal because as a general rule I like to use this venue as a place to display assorted personal work that I do for my own enjoyment. As I write this entry though I am at the point where except for the image I made in the rain yesterday I haven’t shot anything personal in a while. Shooting for clients has been keeping me more than busy and my calendar is heavily booked for some time into the future as well. This image is one that I was assigned to shoot for a magazine cover yesterday. It’s also the first shot that I’ve made with a new 7 foot diameter parabolic umbrella that I just had shipped in. I think I like the result.


I wanted to compose an image that highlighted the stained glass windows in the sanctuary of the Cathedral Basilica. It took quite a while to actually get the shot. There were some people who came in to pray and out of respect I waited patiently for a moment when the sanctuary was empty to shoot.