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Waterfall in Late Autumn

Scenic View on Mud Creek

The One That Got Caught and the One That Got Away


Seashells and Sea Foam

Sun Setting Beyond the Shells

Fill ‘er Up

Making a Splash

Down to the Waterline

April Showers

Sunset Splash

Small Wave, Big Splash

Though Their Course May Change Sometime, Rivers Always Reach the Sea

I Love My Job!

Doing this for a living sure beats sitting behind a desk. It’s not always this dirty though, in fact right after this shoot I rinsed myself and the cameras off, (they are waterproof) changed into a suit and shot a wedding. Never a dull moment.

Making a Splash

I went out to this ski show over the weekend and photographed some of it just for fun. Since it was just for fun I decided to make it an exercise for myself. I put an old 200mm lens on the camera and practiced tracking focus manually with it. I enjoyed the challenge of trying keep the fast-moving skiers sharp the old-school way with just my eyes and hands instead of with microcomputers and motors.

Two States of Water

It has been miserably hot lately so I wasn’t shy about getting good and wet in this cool, refreshing fountain the other afternoon in order to create this composition composed of repetitive elements. It’s nice to be able to rely on weatherproof cameras and lenses once in a while.


Bright sun + splashing water = high contrast photo fun.