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There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills!

Another scan from an ancient Ektachrome slide.

Ready to Fly

Scan of an Ektachrome slide I exposed in 1994 at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The balloon laid out on the ground in the foreground is the one I was flying in that day.


Let’s Take a Walk in the Woods

Big Red

Rural America

The View

Let the Sun Shine In

Blue Morning, Blue Day

Out of the Woods and Into a Picture

On the River Bank

A nice spot for an autumn stroll along the Rio Grande.

Tiny Stream

I always enjoy returning to this little stream with my camera because the vivid color of the algae that covers the rocks contrasts so well with the autumn leaves and the sky color that the moving water reflects.

Indian Summer

The Barn on the Hill

A Little Touch of Autumn

Odds and Ends

I felt that this nice little collection of souvenirs from the past should be presented in an image with a nice nostalgic feel to it.

Simply Perfect

Bold colors and simple geometry are things that I truly enjoy combining in basic yet strong compositions. The end result may look very simple – and that’s exactly my intention, but it actually took some time and effort once I spotted the elements to make it work. Anyone watching me changing lenses and crawling around on the ground to find the right position and angle might have thought I was slightly nuts but this type of image really agrees with my personal artistic sensibilities. So for me it was worth the work and I really don’t mind what anyone who saw me lying in the dirt might have thought.

I’m Hungry, I Hope They Haven’t Run Out!

I want butter on my toast and my eggs scrambled please.


I’m in a hurry so I’m just posting something that is more documentary in nature today. This is a small collection of ancient, broken pottery pieces that can be found littering the ground in Chaco Canyon. Ceremonial breaking of pottery was a common practice in the culture here a millennia ago. Today it is illegal to collect any of the artifacts here but I did enjoy studying the variety of textures and designs on the fragments and making a photographic record of some of them.

Sneak Peek

A bit of visual proof that those sacks are filled with something delicious.


Warm color vs. cool, sharp vs. soft, light vs. dark, man-made vs. natural, hard vs. soft, heavy vs. lightweight, repetition vs. singular…you get the idea.

Not a Raincloud in Sight

I wanted to make an image that made a statement about the arid desert landscape in this location. The low angle perspective and the harsh bright sunlight were a couple of the elements that I used to make it work.

Moonlit Desert Landscape

High Country Autumn

I love it when I can be among the aspens when they start to turn color.