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Damn Good Coffee, Damn Good Price

Vacation on a Budget

Cheap Motel

Out on the Porch

Maidens in the Attic

A Place for Quiet Reflection

Central Heat

Timeless Style – Polaroid

Urban Solitude – Polaroid

A Snapshot of Summer


Through a Dirty Window

Dirty Window

I’m glad no one had time to do any spring cleaning before I walked by this storefront with my camera.

Life’s a Beach

I have been posting a lot of personal photos that I have taken at the beach lately but this is a sample of the client work that has been putting me at the beach with my camera in the first place.

Southern Living

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to give up modern conveniences and the complications of life that go along with them. What would I do with all the time that I now spend at the computer? Maybe I could just sit in a rocking chair on the porch and contemplate. Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.