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Dusty Glass in a Dirty Window

Abstract Patterns in Glass

Elegant Bullet Hole

Rusty and Jagged

“Frosted” Glass

When the Swamp Waters Recede

Fill ‘er Up

Dizzy Spell – Double Exposure

Golden Spiral

Saucerful of Shards

Rainy Night

Out in the Cold

Bubbles and Baubles

Happy Hour

Excessive Garnish

Old Glass, Dirty Glass

The Glass is Way More Than Half Full

Today’s image was taken with medium format Kodak TMAX  black and white film.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Floor

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Glass bottles in a glass window with a perfect background. I love finding things like this with my camera.

Something Blue

It’s just a bit of broken glass lying on a storm sewer cover but I am always attracted to shiny, colorful objects when I have a camera handy.


I know it must be hot because his t-shirt says so.