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Handyman Wanted

Inside the Old Homestead


Clear Skies Above


There’s a Red House Over Yonder…

Old Homestead

Over the River and Through the Woods – Infrared

Waterfront Home With Open Floor Plan

Welcome Home, We Left Every Single Light on for You

Rural Decay

Autumn in the Ghost Town

Home on the Range

Red, White, and Blue

Home, Skewed Home

The Cottage and the Spooky Tree

I just developed another roll of film from the 1966 Mamiya. The negatives look terrific. This is the first scan from the roll.

A Peek Inside

A look at the interior of the home I posted a twilight photo of here yesterday.

A Quiet Evening at Home

My Latest Magazine Cover

The back cover is all me as well:

Another Cover Shot

The next issue of Luxury Home magazine is going to press now and this image of mine is the cover. In addition to this I have also already shot the cover for the issue that will follow after that.

Life’s a Beach

I have been posting a lot of personal photos that I have taken at the beach lately but this is a sample of the client work that has been putting me at the beach with my camera in the first place.