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Another Cover Shot

Latest Magazine Cover

This image was taken with my remote-operated, elevated pole camera system.

Pictured With a Picture Window

I haven’t done any personal shooting in a while, shooting for clients has been keeping me very busy. So for today, I’m posting something I’m working on right now. This is from a series of promotional images for a real estate client that I just shot.

All Work and No Play

I don’t make it a habit of posting client work here on my daily journal because as a general rule I like to use this venue as a place to display assorted personal work that I do for my own enjoyment. As I write this entry though I am at the point where except for the image I made in the rain yesterday I haven’t shot anything personal in a while. Shooting for clients has been keeping me more than busy and my calendar is heavily booked for some time into the future as well. This image is one that I was assigned to shoot for a magazine cover yesterday. It’s also the first shot that I’ve made with a new 7 foot diameter parabolic umbrella that I just had shipped in. I think I like the result.