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Vista in a Window

Hole in the Wall

Window Seat

Store Clerk

Rainy Night

Peeking into a Kitchen window

Reading by Window Light

That Last Coat of Paint Didn’t Really Help

Have a Coke

Moonshine in the Sunshine

Taking Refuge From the Rain

Back Alley Blues

Window Light

Inside Looking Out

Window in the Rain

My Latest Cover Shot

The Sunny Spot

The View

Come Inside for Some Holiday Cheer

Through a Dirty Window

The Final Journey

The late afternoon light was soft and warm through the window of this little shrine, gently illuminating a touching scene.

Glass Behind Glass

It’s no secret that I really enjoy photographing windows. When the inside view merges with a scenic reflection it’s a good thing and when the window itself has a lot of character it’s even better.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Glass bottles in a glass window with a perfect background. I love finding things like this with my camera.

Dirty Window

I’m glad no one had time to do any spring cleaning before I walked by this storefront with my camera.