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Bedroom: Sweet

This wood in this bed and all the rest of the wood in the room was milled from a single cherry tree.

Did I Mention That the Rooms Were Ornate?

All That’s Missing are Some Bowls of Corn Flakes

This weekend I started a project photographing the mansion that was once the winter home of cereal magnate W. K. Kellog. The rooms inside are highly ornate, very beautiful, and a challenge to photograph. I will post a few more of what I have done so far over the next few days.

My Latest Magazine Cover

The back cover is all me as well:

While We’re Here, Let’s Take a Dip in the Pool

The water in the swimming pool at the home I photographed the other day looked the coolest and most inviting of just about any I’ve seen. As I sit behind my computer processing the images from the assignment I keep daydreaming about how refreshing it would be to jump in for a swim.


Latest Magazine Cover

I love to shoot during the blue hour after sunset and it’s become one of the specialties that I’m known for in the luxury home market. In addition to the cover I have dozens of images printed throughout the magazine including several more of this home. A different set of my images from this home is being published both inside and on the cover of a duPont Registry magazine in early 2013 as well.

Hello Dali

I felt it wouldn’t be inappropriate to get “artistic” with this image that I took while I was outside the Salvador Dali Museum last week.

Bright Lights

I photographed this brightly illuminated house on a foggy evening last week. The motion of the fog that was above  the house made an interesting sky backdrop in this scene due to the long time exposures that I combined for this image.

Twilight View

Today I’m posting something from a current project. This image is one from a recent shoot that is a possibility for the cover of an upcoming issue of the duPont Registry.

Another Cover Shot

The next issue of Luxury Home magazine is going to press now and this image of mine is the cover. In addition to this I have also already shot the cover for the issue that will follow after that.


For the first time in a very long time I missed posting here for a few days. It’s simply because I have been shooting so much for clients that I am too busy continuously processing images to meet deadlines to stop and take the time to post here. For today I am posting an image I shot on one of my recent assignments just to break my streak of not posting.

The Little Things

So even though I have been so busy that I have only been shooting for clients lately I still find things that catch my my artistic eye while I’m working. This is a detail of a kitchen countertop I photographed in a home this weekend.

Up in the Air

I took my new aerial shooting rig out again yesterday. This 3-story home was a good challenge to see how it would handle at maximum height. It’s a bit harder to handle but it looks like the results are worth the effort.

Elevated Perspective

I designed and built a remote-control high-angle camera rig this weekend and had the chance to test it out on yesterday’s real estate shoot. Unlike some setups I’ve seen that are designed for little point and shoot cameras my rig uses a real DSLR shooting RAW files for maximum image quality. It gave me a unique perspective in these images of the back yard and garage of the property I was covering. The rig can actually go much higher but I discovered that if you get too much higher than this the compositions start to show too much rooftop and not enough of the walls. In case you are curious I can tell you that inside this garage I counted 10 cars, an RV, and a motorcycle.

More Kitchen Pics

Here are some more – though not all of the photos I took in the kitchen of this home last week. The thumbnails below are cropped, click to view the full image.

Modern Living

So I’m back to posting images from work I’ve been doing for clients. This is from a set I did last week of a house with a very stylized interior.

All Work and No Play

I don’t make it a habit of posting client work here on my daily journal because as a general rule I like to use this venue as a place to display assorted personal work that I do for my own enjoyment. As I write this entry though I am at the point where except for the image I made in the rain yesterday I haven’t shot anything personal in a while. Shooting for clients has been keeping me more than busy and my calendar is heavily booked for some time into the future as well. This image is one that I was assigned to shoot for a magazine cover yesterday. It’s also the first shot that I’ve made with a new 7 foot diameter parabolic umbrella that I just had shipped in. I think I like the result.