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Morning in the Park – Infrared Image

Strolling in the Park

A Walk in the Park

Twilight at the Temple

Afternoon in the Park – Infrared

Foggy Day

Passing Through

Pedestrian Bridge

Film Noir

When it comes to personal work I have been shooting good old-fashioned analog film a lot lately. Way more than digital. Almost all black and white and all with a variety of antique cameras: medium format, 35mm, and Polaroid. I finally had some time yesterday to scan several weeks worth of negatives and Polaroid prints so for the next week or two I will be posting some of the highlights here for you. Today’s entry was taken with a medium format camera at dusk in the park near where I live.

Step Right Up

Another scan of a negative from the Mamiya Twin Lens.

Hello Dali

I felt it wouldn’t be inappropriate to get “artistic” with this image that I took while I was outside the Salvador Dali Museum last week.