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Another Inviting Swimming Pool

This home was one of my assignments to shoot this week. I always try to find interesting angles to shoot with swimming pools and this home provided me with nice perspectives.

While We’re Here, Let’s Take a Dip in the Pool

The water in the swimming pool at the home I photographed the other day looked the coolest and most inviting of just about any I’ve seen. As I sit behind my computer processing the images from the assignment I keep daydreaming about how refreshing it would be to jump in for a swim.

Evening at the Pool

Just a night shot from the same photo session by the same pool as the food shot from yesterday.

Job Perks

This little setup was part of a shoot I did on Saturday. The nice thing about it was that after I shot it I got to have it for my lunch.

An Evening by the Pool

I haven’t had the opportunity to shoot anything for myself in forever. I am shooting a lot for clients though. I have been going through archives from my guided photo tours lately and looking for images that I never published to post here. Today I am breaking from my norm and posting something I shot this week for a client. Its from a twilight series I did for an ad to be published in the duPont Registry.