Elevated Perspective

I designed and built a remote-control high-angle camera rig this weekend and had the chance to test it out on yesterday’s real estate shoot. Unlike some setups I’ve seen that are designed for little point and shoot cameras my rig uses a real DSLR shooting RAW files for maximum image quality. It gave me a unique perspective in these images of the back yard and garage of the property I was covering. The rig can actually go much higher but I discovered that if you get too much higher than this the compositions start to show too much rooftop and not enough of the walls. In case you are curious I can tell you that inside this garage I counted 10 cars, an RV, and a motorcycle.

One Response

  1. Anonymous

    Your design is a great success! Congratulations to you!! You should sell it … {:o) Great view of the compound.

    09/06/2012 at 12:25 pm