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Downtown Holiday Ambience

Cool Water

Crystal Water

Twilight at the Temple


A Quiet Corner in the Courtyard

A Snapshot of Summer

An Evening by the Pool

I haven’t had the opportunity to shoot anything for myself in forever. I am shooting a lot for clients though. I have been going through archives from my guided photo tours lately and looking for images that I never published to post here. Today I am breaking from my norm and posting something I shot this week for a client. Its from a twilight series I did for an ad to be published in the duPont Registry.

Fake Flowers Floating in a Fountain

Just one of those little scenes that caught my eye while shooting at an event this weekend.

Two States of Water

It has been miserably hot lately so I wasn’t shy about getting good and wet in this cool, refreshing fountain the other afternoon in order to create this composition composed of repetitive elements. It’s nice to be able to rely on weatherproof cameras and lenses once in a while.


Bright sun + splashing water = high contrast photo fun.