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Spiraling Upward

Ramble On

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Timeless Style – Polaroid

Devil’s Den Subterranean Spring

Wet Bicycles

Looking Up and Down

Up or Down?

Up and Down

This is another image that I shot a few weeks ago on 35mm black and white film.

Reverse Angle

The opposite view of the location pictured in yesterday’s post. Scanned negative from the Pentax ME Super.

20 Years Later

Same camera and lens as was used for the image that was posted here yesterday. This was taken the other day on T-MAX black and white film, twenty years after yesterday’s Ektachrome slide. Also of note, the camera was already 14 years old when I shot yesterday’s photo. I’m real happy that the old gear is holding up well and still producing such nice images. It’s a fun diversion for me to work with the old analog gear. It takes a lot more thought and patience to produce a good image than with modern digital equipment and I feel that it is a good mental exercise for me as well as being artistically rewarding.

Step Right Up

Another scan of a negative from the Mamiya Twin Lens.

Walk This Way

Effective today I am disabling comments on posts here. Spam comments have now reached 600+ daily and it’s a big waste of my time sifting through and deleting them.

Strike a Pose

This is just a quick behind-the-scenes shot that I made while I was teaching a workshop designed to help photographers communicate more effectively with models.